FaB FiVe Kettlebell Introduction

The how's and why's of this course!  

Cool side note about the amount of force produced with swinging bells:

When researcher Brandon Hetzler asked several StrongFirst instructors to step on a force plate and do swings with a 53-pound kettlebell, the force reading exceeded 500 pounds.

FaB FiVe Kettlebell Course

Get stronger, leaner and more athletic!

"After a few rounds I had to sit down! Cardio through the roof!" - Sylvia Takada, SFG II, Fitness Model

"I am doing the fab five program and it is truly an explosive and dynamic program that creates strength and explosive power!"
- Ron Hylton, LMT

"This is great! Solid videos on form and cues for the basics!  Thanks to Coach Cambio I am swinging heavier weight with greater power and cleaner form. My lower back is thanking me too!”

- Dr.
Todd VanKerkhoff

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